Each company differs from any other. We differ from our competitors too.
Have a look at what our web development partners see in LEX Group.

Customer oriented company

We always provide you with the best way to fulfil your needs, reaching full understanding all your requirements.
Our success is measured by the exceptional value we create for our clients.


We always adapt to your changing needs.
We always offer you the technologies that suit you the best.

Professional, reliable and qualified team

Our teams have many years of experience in real web development projects.
All our people are highly motivated for the best results at each particular project.

Lower cost

Very reasonable prices, several times lower than that of the US and EU companies.
We offer bonuses and discounts.
With us you pay for results, not efforts.

Advanced software development technology

We always use the most quality and best-of-breed tools and technologies available on market.
Historically, our country (Ukraine) was the most technically advanced in the former USSR.
We have a unique competence in web solutions development.

If you are looking for a reliable long-term partner in web development of your products, iOS application development, website development, software testing and debugging facilities at a reasonable pricing and backed by professional touch and services, then LEX Group is the right company to work with.