Your final goal and your requirements are the cornerstone of any our project.


We value our people most of all. Without a solid team of committed professionals, any other value would be impossible to realize. That is why we make a strict selection and a permanent education of our staff members.

Client's goals

Your final goal and your requirements are the cornerstone of any our project.


Quality is the most important thing we strive for at the each stage of the project. With our quality control approach and testing processes, you will hardly find any bug in our software. Moreover, you will get flexible and scalable for further modifications product.

Lower cost

Very reasonable prices, several times lower than that of the US and EU companies.
We offer bonuses and discounts. With us you pay for results, not efforts.


We will never charge you for unnecessary things such as fancy office we have or something like that. We care about people and quality. So we charge for this only. Such asceticism makes you able to get custom software for the most reasonable price.

Our advantage

Anyone likes to work with professionals devoted to what they do. And this is our biggest advantage.

From the very beginning of cooperation with LEX Group you will understand - these people do know what they do.

Our project management staff will make you tell, 'These people do know what exactly I need'.

Our team's motto is 'Do the job as you'd do it for yourself.' Real competitions of ideas sometimes take place in our company.

However, our business processes are perfected and we never waste your time and money due to unexpected matters.

Our people are the most valuable component in our strategy. That is why our people are well-educated professionals with a huge experience in different areas.

Contact us for a free consultation to see how we can help you. Spend just few minutes right now to save hundreds of hours in future!